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December 14, 2012
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Title: Enchanted Twilight
Original Title: enchanted twilight 1-9
Created By: Ryan Rabbit
Reason Created: For Fun
Acquired From: Furaffinity
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Other Important Information: Originally uploaded on October 21-October 25 2011
Original Description:
It had been a week since twilight had been caught by celestia for using the "want it need it" spell upon her doll and causing half of equestria to crave that doll culminating in celestia having to put a hoof in to stop the chaos.
twilight walked through the door to jeers and laughter as she took her
place at her desk amongts the other foals and fillies in magic kindergarten, the teacher Astaria strode in and had twilight introduce herself amidst giggles and sniggers from the class, and so began the first humiliating day back in magic kindergarten.
Twilight walked into the classroom sitting down quietly as some of the foals and fillies still giggled at the thought of an older pony in their midst ,when she heard crinkles and the escaping of air as thickly padded flanks fell into seated positions either side of her marey and whinniefred sat looking towards the front of the class and listening to Astarias lesson on stall training when twilight raised a hoof to proclaim she was allready perfectly stall trained as a result she was asked to the front of the class "well miss sparkle prehaps you would like to demonstrate to the class how big girls use the toilet" she giggled as her horn glowed and a plastic foals potty seat materialised before her.
panicking she realised that she was being asked to use the potty before the rest of the class "here and now?" she asked to the nods of her teacher.
"I c c cant" she stammered as she sat on the potty starting to stand up before it dissapeared from under her, her fall cushioned by the crinkly padding of a diaper as she looked up from her spot on th efloor at the laughing childeren in the class her earlier homework on stall training landing on the floor stamped with a red hooF to show she had failed,the notes scrawled on the page that Astaria wanted to see her new student after class, twilgiht panicked as she tried to imagine what was in store.
twilgiht clopped at Miss Astarias door and was called inside to her office "ah twilight, come in we need to talk about your performance in class today im afraid your setting a bad example for the foals and fillies in my class, especialy makign them feel bad about being in diapers still, some of them cant help it anymore than you".
twilight looked insulted "im more than capable of controling myself miss Astaria" she blurted out indignantly.
"young lady we treated our mares with respect in when i was your age , and dont tell me that was an accident!" she poked a hoof towards twilights diaper which was visibly damp.
Twilights heart sank, she had wet herself?! her hoofs shot forwards to cover the diaper "i i" she managed to get out before miss Astaria silenced her , dont worry i dont judge you your just a filly after all she smied a motherly smile as she pulled out a diaper from under her desk and used her horn to float it before twilight.
Twilight had never seen anything so entrancing as that lovely puffy diaper as it danced before her ,eyes spinning as her face broke into a big goofy smile looking with adoration at her favorite article of clothing as she willingly flopped back and allowed the teacher to change her diaper with a quick flick of her horn.
"fank you miss 'staria i wove my diapewr!" twilight positively beamed from her slouched position on the floor.
The next morning miss Astaria had just left the classroom to check on something when a wide eyed foal named whinniefred lent across his desk and whispered to his freind marey.
giggling between themselves they both turned to the somewhat goofy looking twilight, hey twiwight how much do you wike youw diapewrs asked marey stifling a laugh as twilights ears flicked on their own accord.
"Dis much she proclaimed as she wobbly walked to the center of the class room her face scrunched

up in concentration as she squatted and proceeded to use her diapers much to the humor of the foals and fillies in the class, rude noises eminating from her seat as her horn glowed and started to write out how much she "woved" her diapers on the board.
All was fun and games till with a puff of magic miss Astaria appeared at the front of the class a look of dissaproval on her face.
"Whinniefred and Marey, you should be ashamed of encouraging your younger classmate!"
"But i not youngewrer!" yelled out twilgiht as she stomped her hoof indignantly.
Miss Astaria flicked her mane back her horn glowing as the merit board glowed brightly two demerits appearing under whinniefreds and mareys names and another completeing the list of demerits twilight had earned "young filly it seems you and i need to have a talk after class today" the lesson continued as usual and finished early to allow for changing of diapers of students that required it and lunch.
twilight looked worried as miss Astaria clopped the door shut behind the other students her horn glowing as she studied her book on "foal and filly care for the caring mare".
Twilight im not sure wether being in kindergarten is realy for you anymore she smiled a sly smile as the filly looked visibly excited "am me allowed to graduate agen?" she was now bouncing in her seat excitedly as miss Astaria cast her spell on twilight mabye in a year or two sweety" she smiled as her spell was complete.
"After weve had a small discussion with your daddy"...
Mr twilight came in through the school doors and passed along the halls until he reached the room labled nurses office, upon heading inside however he was not expecting to see what he was seeing this second.
"Twilight!" he exclaimed galloping over to his daughter who was slumped on the floor cuddling mr smarty pants and sucking a hoof as she looked up at her "dada" with big unblinking eyes full of wonder a weird lollipop lay nearbye and seemed to be the culprit for the strange sticky yellow gloop about her maw.
"what am i going to do with you my silly little filly" he whispered reasuringly to the now cooing twilight as miss Astaria clopped into the room.
"Ah mr twilight i see you found twilight, im glad your here now because we need to talk about your daughters learning abilities, "what about them questioned a wary mr twilight as he stroked his aughters mane from her maw.
"well as you can see even standing on those wobbly lil hoofs is quite the challenge for twilight now and i dont think shes setting the best example for other students in my class, so i think shed bennefit more from attending magic nursery instead".
twilights father looked crest fallen , he had high hopes for twilight but looking at her now it did make sense, after all with every padding hour each magical spell she had cast to clean her diaper was wearing off and without the ability to magic it away again herself she was quickly becoming the stinkiest student in the school, prehaps it was for the best.
"me nu have to go kindergawten no mowe?" she babbled to miss Astaria.
"nope you just rest your silly little head and im sure your daddy will take you home to mommy for some nice nummies and a nap!" miss Astaria almost seemed to be happy by twilights fathers understanding but then again it had been a while since he had his little girl back prehaps this would be like old times when she used to spend more time with her parents, suddenly as this tought occured though he also dreaded the looming diaper duty that would undoubtedly follow...
"Oh she is ssooooooo cute!" mrs twilgiht squeed over her now infantile minded daughter who days ago had been the princess' protege , now sat in her puffy diapers on the living room floor.
I cant beleive how much ive missed having our daughter under hoof" said her father as he trotted into the next room to get to work on twilights nursery.
After a while though it soon became obviuos there was too much work to be done n the nursery for one lone pony spo they decided to get a babysitter to come care for their newly little filly.
A short time later the door bell rang and in stepped trixie the great and powerful babysitter as her card now read.
hello mr an mrs twilight, me and your daughter are old freinds so i know we are going to get along just fine!"
"Thats good to hear cause we realy need to get our sweet lil twilights nursery together before nap time", at this mrs twilight joined her husband in the next room laughing and messing aroudn as they worked on the new nusery, in the meantime trixie had sat by twilight and was waving a hoof to her face" you realy are all babyfied arent you twilight?" trixie by now was grinning as she took out the purred rooberry baby food and magiced a spoon in before deliberately messily feeding twilight as she sat on the floor.
Twilights horn now shrunk from lack of use glowed dimly as her earlier magic spells started to undo themselves as her diaper rapidly expanded with days of magicked away messyness filling up like a cushion causing trixie to laugh merrily bringing with it the attention of her mother.
"whats going on out he.. oh my , it seems we have a stinky little filly here mrs twilight proclaimed as she ruffles her goofy faced daughters mane.
"il be in the nursery be a dear trixie and see to twilights diaper im afraid she wont be able to repeat the magic that cleaned it before so youl have to do it yourself", and with that she clopped off to help decorate the other room leaving trixie to deal with twilights prominant accident.
"Ewwww this is so gross, your mother should realy be dealing with this but i guess im in charge while shes away, eh twilight?".
Trixies horn glowed pink as she aimed it at the fillies diaper shutting her eye sand concentrating as she tried to magic away the mess going against the previous advice, if anyinth more mess returned makign the diaper even messier, "Oh darn that did not go to plan, well i guess im going to have to change it the old fashioned way".
The spell almost done and twilights bottom cleaned and wrapped in a new diaper trixie was almost done cleaning up, concentrating on the task at hand as she levetated the pale to catch the filthy diaper when suddenly something sticky hit her maw she instinctively licked her lips tasting something sticky and sweet looking down to see twilight smiling goofily as she magicked the spoon into her maw, "TWILIGHT NO!" but it was too late, having planted the rooberry lollipop in the kindergarten nurses office she was sure she had safely but effectivly regressed twilight back to being no threat at all but even in this diminished state she was still causing trouble and even as trixie thought about this she could feel her thoughts slipping away and focusing more on dollies cartoons and diapers, to the point that she subconsioucly was starting to unpack a fresh diaper and was even starting to diaper herself a whinnie of panic escaping her maw..
"honey those girls are awful quiet in there dont you think?" mr twilight brought up the subject carefuly to avoid worrying his wife needlessly.
"Its nothing sweety im sure those two are having plenty of fun, anyway didnt the babysitter say they were old freinds?" said mrs twilight her horn glowing brightly as she put the finishing touches on the crib while twilights father applied the final coat of pink paint to the new nursery.
"this nursery is better than her first i thi...
both parents perked up hearing the strangely goofy laughing coming from the living room ,though strangely it wasnt comign from their beloved big baby meaning it could only belong to...
"Trixie darling what are you upto out HERE?!" mrs twilight stopped speaking abruptly as she left the nursery coming face to face with trixie as a spoonful of rooberry dropped from her maw "twixee goin poddy!" she announced bending at the front and lifting her flank as her tail flagged high and allowed her to stop depositing her yummy meal into her fresh padding.
mrs twilight panicked a little upon realising that her own trick she was hiding from her husband to keep her daughter under hoof had now reduced the babysitter to fillydom, padding to the girls trunk she opened it to check for contact details when she came upon belongings that had an uncanny resemblance to that arrogant pony whod strode into town a few months ago and tried to usurp her daughter as the best at magic in equestria.
"ohhoho it seems our baby sitter is arrogant AND a liar" mrs teilgiht excalimed raising an eyebrow as she hoofed the trunk out of sight calling her husband out to come help deal with the new filly...
"Twixeee poooopyy! Twixxiee pooooopy!" twilight sang out as her hoofs scrabbled at the floor for stability her face scrunching as she was trying to learn the potty, all shame from doing this in front of a class of fillies she didnt know having left her a long time ago since she was now content to do this in front of her parents.
rooberry coated her maw and bib courtesy of her mother who was still hiding the fact she was keeping the only daughter of the family firmly in diapers.
"babbaaababa" prattled trixie her drooly sticky maw mouthing and licking her lips happily a pleasantly goofy expression on her face showed the amount of rooberry she was being fed was effectively doing its job.
"Im so glad we were forced to adopt trixie she makes the perfect sister for twilight dont you think? mrs twilight asked her husband, i admit twilight looks much cuter now she isnt asking a hundred questions and grading us on our knowledge,but you wont be saying that when its your tour of diaper duty honey".
pretty soon twilight had gotten comfy on her new potty chair and was happily releiving herself straight into the comfy confines of the diaper she had forgotten to remove,"prehaps though its a little too soon for potty training the girls" the parents giggled to themselves as they watch the girls play together all the way to bedtime.

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